Lorena Leigh

Lorena Leigh currently lives and plays her music out of Rockaway Beach, Queens. A native of Dallas-Ft.Worth, Texas, Lorena found herself up in NYC in the fall of 2010 and has been dancing, living, singing and surfing in the big apple ever since. Lorena found her passion for writing, recording and performing music when she met Producer, Rene Veron, in the summer of 2013. Lorena & Rene began collaborating on various commercial projects together which eventually led to the creation of Lorena’s debut EP- Bella Vista. Lorena spreads her pop-rock anthems with the help of her band under the name “Lorena Leigh Band”. [Lorena Leigh About Page]

MON July 03 - Caracas Arepa Bar
THU July 06 - Riis Park Beach Bazaar
THU July 13 - Riis Park Beach Bazaar
SAT July 15 - Riis Park Beach Bazaar