The Missing Arverne By The Sea Marina

Over six years ago, the plan for a two-story 40,000-square-foot marina waterfront recreation, retail space and entertainment center was to be completed by 2010 near Beach 80th. If you take the A train towards Rockaway, you can see the area from the left side of the train as it makes it’s way to the Beach 67th station.

Arverne By The Sea Marina Beach 80

The marina is a wonderful amenity that will not only benefit the residents of Arverne by the Sea, but also will add a new spectacular waterfront facility to service all of Queens and, in fact, all of New York. – Gerard Romski

At the time, Mayor Bloomberg also broke ground on the YMCA Center and things were looking very promising. Fast forward to 2013, the YMCA that was suppose to be completed at the same time as the Coney Island one is once again delayed and the marina space is still filled with tires and junk. The only activity you will see are the people that go fishing in that area. Is anyone surprised by the lack of progress? Not if you ask Arverne By The Sea residents and the many project delays they endured. Maybe White Arkitekter’s Small Means & Great Ends project will be completed before the marina.