Rockaway Beach Rated Best In New York City

According to New Yorkers for Parks’ latest report card, a citywide independent organization championing quality parks and open spaces, Rockaway Beach scored 90 (A-) which is the highest of any NYC beach. Pathways and shoreline each earned an A while bathrooms and drinking fountains each earned a B. It’s been a steady climb from a score of 56 back in 2007 so let’s keep Rockaway Beach as the top destination for years to come.

 BoroughShorelinePathwaysDrinking FountainsBathroomsOverall
Rockaway BeachQueens9693868390
Manhattan BeachBrooklyn9694569087
Cedar Grove BeachStaten Island65N/A1009283
South BeachStaten Island6894897980
Midland BeachStaten Island84N/A457476
Coney Island/Brighton BeachBrooklyn8278667676
Orchard BeachBronx8473367369
Wolfe's Pond BeachStaten Island0N/A86N/A32

Our table is based on data from New Yorkers For Parks. Make sure to visit them for the full report and the detailed breakdown of each beach.

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