Solar Mobile Charging Stations Not Working

Solar Mobile Charging Stations Not Working

Many visitors to Rockaway Beach looking to recharge their mobile devices are frustrated that the solar charging stations that were installed on the boardwalks this month are already broken. We tested the micro usb cable at Beach 86 and the phone did not display the charge indicator. Coincidence? We then decided to try the stations at both Beach 97 and Beach 106 but each of those were also defective. While we were testing, several people also tried and walked away disappointed. Are the power packs provided by Goal Zero no longer holding a charge and need to be replaced? Could the stations be disconnected from the source? We reached out to AT&T for an update.

Update 1: AT&T has responded and their technical team has been notified
Update 2: team has been dispatched to repair the cables
Update 3: AT&T reported the stations have been repaired

The good news is that Beach 86 is now functioning but the micro USB for Beach 97 and Beach 106 are still being reported as not working. Sorry weekend beach goers, we were hoping it would be ready for everyone. Alerting AT&T again!

August 28 – solar stations at Beach 86, Beach 97 and Beach 106 were tested and they all need repair. Alerting the ATTStreetChange team and hope it’ll be ready for the busy Labor Day weekend.

  • Matthew


    July 26, 2013

    They didn’t fix anything!!! Tried the one at B106 and no charge at all. Soneone was charging their tab it was fine. No go for the rusty micro usb. Looks the same from last time. Disappointed with AT&T

  • Simone


    July 27, 2013

    2 of mah friends and me was at b97. they didn’t fix nothing cuz micro usb wire still not charging. let dem kno.

  • frank


    August 1, 2013

    @theRockawaysNY you shouldn’t tell people it was fixed when it’s not. we were at the 106 spot and the micro usb does not work. you told ATT about 3 issues from beginning but they had to come back 2x to fix them. are they only allowed to fix 1 station per visit?

  • Samantha


    August 9, 2013

    any1 kno if 106st solar station will be ready this weekend?

  • theRockawaysNY


    August 9, 2013

    @frank @samantha Sorry, according to their response we assumed that all the stations were fixed. Surprised it isn’t since all three locations were provided to them over two weeks ago. We’ll reach out to AT&T once again.

  • frank


    August 25, 2013

    Don’t thank them because they still have NOT fixed it. We’re here for tonights jazz event and can’t charge Samsung Galaxy phones. terrible support!!

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