More Train Options And Farewell To Rockaway Shuttle

Did you know it takes 30 minutes to go from Rockaway Park 116th Street station to the Howard Beach JFK Airport station using the [S] to the [A] transfer? Without the transfer, it only takes 15 minutes. For speedy New Yorkers, it takes less than 30 minutes to walk from Union Square to Bryant Park.

Now imagine a train that can eliminate the unreliable and slow [S] train as well as provide a connection to [J] train, LIRR and the [M] [R] train at 63 DR Rego Park station for more commuting options. It solves the large amount of frustrated summer crowds waiting at Broad Channel and it also provides Northern Queens with train access to Rockaway Beach, Aqueduct Racino and JFK airport.

New Rockaway Beach Train



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